Akothee comes clean on allegations that her posh mansions were built with borrowed money

Madam Boss Hapendi Ujinga!

Singer Akothee

Outspoken Kenyan female singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has blasted those hating on her lifestyle with a below the belt message.

The flamboyant singer has hit out at those always talking about other people, with comments of how they slept their way to the top.

In her message, Akothee shut down critics who had earlier claimed that her Rongo Mansion was built on borrowed money and she only brags with what she did not work for.


“You want me to give an F** about critics? about people who met me on social media 4 years Ago , are you crazy? Those who still care about , ooh dress well, ooh stop bragging , ooh that house is built on loans ,ooh, even bill gates is rich and silent, how did you know he is rich if he is silent ! Omo before you judge others , try build a dog house , or go sit down in a corner , non of the banks in Kenya holds any of my assets , if so tag me here GOAT respect any woman who knows her worth , if pussy can make money , then I wonder why I was broke all those years yet I am still having sex and carrying the same paka around or maybe it was not packaged , if you having sex and still broke thsts scam , losers will say She is trying to prove apoint , go ask your grandmother why she don't use her opportunity with your grandfather the making of #rongospar 2014 if Aman is successful is a rolemodel to the society , if a woman buys a car its her Pussy , what the f*""k is wrong with society?” said Akothee.

In August 2018, the mother of five stated that indeed she is rich and famous with ugly children but all those hating on her were broke and unpopular.

Most ugliest Children

“As you seat down and discuss that Akothee is one of the celebrities with the most ugliest Children, with many husbands, Don’t forget to give me Credit now… Note! She is the richest female artiste with the best body after popping five. Rich and Famous. You can just have all negatives at least a positive now. Isn’t Akothee rich and famous forget about beauty, it’s in the beholders eye? All I know is that am leaving a better life then you”

"I am rich and famous with ugly children but you are broke and unpopular with beautiful children so who is winning, live your miserable life on peace, and top up your data bundles as you watch me live a life you would die to have, your children are face of p2 & nyamachoma and you dare open your mouth talking of who is beautiful who is not. When did you take a selfie lastly without make up idiot,” shared Akothee on her Instagram account.


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