I have 2 Mansions in Switzerland, 1 in France – Akothee

Akothee is Living Large

According to the self-proclaimed President of single Mothers, her lavish lifestyle rotates around three countries where she owns properties.

“I have Five Mansions: Rongo, Mombasa, Normandy (France), Lugano (Switzerland), Zurich (Switzerland)” said Akothee in an Interview with Daily Nation.

Akothee’s houses in France and Switzerland comes into existence basing on the fact that her Baby Daddies are from this two countries.

“I am a moving scandal, you can call me aka “sumbua tariff”. People follow everything I do, it’s not my fault. My life is just dramatic, I have mzungu babies and African babies in my home. People misunderstand my jokes because I go straight to the point. I am a real person, I don’t sugar court anything; not on TV, not on social media not even in private. However, I am not encouraging young girls to go and get many babies. I have to accept things as they are and be proud of my situations, but don’t use me as an excuse to be irresponsible; be smart,” she stated.

Inside Akothee's House

Last year November, Comedian Jalang’o visited Akothee  during her stay in the Mombasa mansion and unearthed more details about the place.

Jalang’o highlighted that the mansion had 16 Bedrooms, 12 white towels in each room, 15 bed sheets, a 12 by 10 bed, a private chef, an undersea glass boat and a personal massage.

“So I get to Mombasa then I tell my sister  that I have landed in Mombasa ...she tells me...Let me not find you booking any hotel and I have 16 bedrooms in my private beach home..1. 12 white towels, 2. 15 bed sheets, 3. Private chef, 4. Under sea glass boat, 5. Personal massage, 6. 12 by 10 bed ,7....pls continue with the list” Jalang’o posted.

“I have what we call Akothee Forest. We have about 40,000 pieces of Eucalyptus Grandis and each is worth Sh1, 000. I am also the founder and CEO of Akothee Safaris, which is quickly gaining international repute. My travel firm organises excursions, hotel and airline reservations. We also have a hotel called Morning Star Diani,” Akothee told Daily Nation.


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