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“A man doesn't give me conditions” Akothee reveals why she canceled her wedding slated for yesterday

Self-proclaimed richest musician in Kenya Akothee has revealed why her wedding did not happen.

The 2016 Afrimma awards winner revealed the details on why her marriage initially slated to happen yesterday, the 5th of November.

In her usual bullish and unflinching manner Akothee revealed she was the one who called off the wedding after differences with her man.

Talking to Larry Madowo on his Friday show The Trend, Akothee revealed that she had differences with her man over the way music was consuming her time.

Apparently she was not even to attend the Afrimma awards. Being one who cannot let a man plan for her and decide to choose music over the wedding.


She says the marriage talk is now on a hold and time will tell whether it happens at all.

“I’ve got so much on hands now. I come first. A man doesn’t give me conditions,

Initially I wasn’t supposed to go for the Afrimma and he (the fiancé) felt like music was taking too much of my time. So we agreed that I should choose what is best and I chose music,” Akothee said.

Here is the candid interview she had.


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