Auntie Boss’ Shiru reveals her secrets on satisfying a man

Support your husband from day one to the last day - Shiru advised.

As you probably know Shiru formally known as Nice Wanjeri is married to comedian Titus Wagithomo and she knows a thing or 5 about keeping a man happy.

And she shared a few secrets in a quick-fire session with Parents’ Magazine. One of Shiru’s tips is ‘be humble’. Shiru believes that humility is a very important quality. “Be humble. Men don’t like hawa wasichana wa kujiiinua sana. Two, Joto hutoka kwa tumbo. You have to cook. Of course, I can’t cook everyday coz I work but when I get a chance I cook. I love cooking and he loves my food.” She said.

Sex is also an integral part of a relationship. “Another thing that we all fail to mention is sex. We are all sexual beings so please make that one of the things.”

Supporting your bae is also important. “Another thing is support, support your husband from day one to the last day. Sometimes they do some things and you are like ‘Eeeh hiyo sitasupport’ but find   a way kumwambia. Not just shouting and telling him what he is supposed to do your way. And always, please ladies, pray for your man every day if it’s not working when you are standing then kneel down.” Nice advised.


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