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Avril explains why she snubbed Naiboi’s 2in1 only to be featured in Otile's new song

Avril Speaks out

Avril with Otile Brown

Singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril has disclosed why she didn’t feature in Naiboi’s Video 2 in 1 despite being requested to jump on during its preparation.

A curious fan wanted to know why she snubbed to participate in Naiboi’s video but later on appeared in Otile Brown’s new video Kenyan Girl.

“Watched and you all rocked! But you refused to do 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” asked a user called @josephinelenah


The mother of one mentioned that at the time Naiboi was preparing his video, she was in hospital.

@josephinelenah yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital...didn’t feel like getting into it with him .. let people do what they gotta do” reads Avril’s reply.

On Monday, Bad Man Shivo (Otile) dropped a new song “Kenyan Girl” appreciating kenyan ladies and the hustle they partake in their day to day lives.

Kenyan Girl lyrics


The lyrics of the new song mentions the likes of Amber Ray, Joy Muthengi, Amina Abdi, Betty Kyallo, Huddah Monroe and also his ex-Vera Sidika among others.

Earlier on, Naiboi had mentioned that Avril, Sanaipei Tande and Victoria Kimani graciously declined his request to appear in his music video 2 in 1.

Celebrity video

“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t. It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me,” said Naiobi in a past Interview.


Naiboi’s 2 in 1 was an all celebrity video that saw media personalities and musicians record short clips on phone that were later combined to make a full video.


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