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Why I blocked Shaffie Weru on Social Media – Avril reveals

Avril spills the beans

Shaffie Weru, Avril and Adelle Onyango

Singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril has disclosed why she blocked Media Personality Shaffie Weru on social media during her pregnancy period.

Appearing on Kiss 100, Avril explained that during that time, her "hormones" did not like him (Shaffie) so she ended up blocking him on Instagram account.

“I think my pregnancy hormones did not just like Shaffie aki . Hormones zangu hazikuwa zinajiskia na wewe,” said Avril.


Shaffie interjected, stating that Avril blocked him due to the people he hangs out with.

“Boli ya Avril ilinichukia tu ivo. I think she blocked me because of the people I hang out with akina Chim, it’s my association. So from today you will have to follow me and like all the posts I put up for almost a year now. Boli yake haikunipenda, her mimba didn’t like me, first of all I just got jealous that she went and got pregnant with someone else, hiyo ndo ilinijamisha,” said Shaffie Weru.

Although Avril is one of the most famous, most photographed and most followed celebrities in Kenya, she has managed to slither away from the roving lens of the paparazzi during her pregnancy period.

Brand ambassador for Justdiggit


Though she is a public figure, Avril made a conscious decision to keep this one aspect of her life private as people have a tendency to sh*t on good things. She didn’t want her pregnancy to become a media circus.

Just the other day, the Mama hit maker was picked as the Kenyan brand ambassador for Justdiggit.

 Justdiggit is an Amsterdam-based organization that restores degraded lands to encourage the growth on natural vegetation which in turn cools down the landscape.


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