Club owner responds after two wazungus were electrocuted at the club

Over the weekend, two people got electrocuted at a pool party held in the fancy B Club at Diamond Plaza.

Reveller rescued form the pool after getting electrocuted

On the Decks were DJ Maphorisa, DJ Stylez, DJ SexySpin and DJ Purpl who had promised revellers an unforgettable night made up of stars and great music. But this was not to be as things went left pretty fast during the bash after two revellers were electrocuted.

Witnesses claim that there was a live wire in the water that electrocuted the two party-goers and they almost drowned before they got saved.

Something that was backed up by a Twitter user by the name Sadia‏ @SadzIbrahim  who tweeted “Live wire in the water. Electrocuted them & then started drowning. Both are in hospital recovering. 5 people in total reported hospitalized.”

A tweet that had influential media personality Media MK tweeting “Who were the suppliers at that B Club party? What sort of recklessness allowed a live wire to land in the pool???”

A highly placed source at B Club management confirmed the incident although he claimed that the number of casualties was greatly exaggerated before referring us to the B Club owner Samia Barry.

The proprietor of the famous club has finally spoken about the incident which has now gone viral on social media.

She revealed that the victims who suffered from the incident are doing well after receiving treatment and have gone home.

The club owner also went on to distance the club from the faulty installation that almost turned fatal.

“We did not install the equipment; we hired someone else to do the installation.” She said.

Samia then went on to add “We had 20 people in the pool and if people were electrocuted they would all have been electrocuted not just the two. Everybody was in the pool and they didn’t get hurt, the people who got electrocuted touched something electrical, one touched a light and the other pulled a wire. It was an accident and could have happened if they got out of the pool and touched something with wet hands.”

“So many girls were in the pool, regular clients were in the pool, if there was a live wire then whole pool would have been electrocuted. My own children were in the pool from 12-4 pm. Accidents happen, it would happen in their own home if they were not careful.

There was no wire in the pool, there were lights around the pool, wires around the speakers, they were all set and fixed and if a wire ended in the pool, all my equipment would have been kaput and the DJs' music and my screens would have gone off." The B-Club co-owner said.

She then went on to refute claims that 5 people ended up in hospital over the incident and said that the victims were just two. "The casualties from the accident were not 5, the number of 5 people is exaggerated."

The two victims were people she has worked with, one is her current manager who is Spanish and the other is her former manager as she disclosed.

Samia is part owner of the Billionaire's club franchise who have clubs scattered all over the world. She owns the Billion Club in Belgium, Afrodiziac Club (also in Belgium), B-CLUB Kigali and B-CLUB DRC with her husband Barry Ndengeyingoma.


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