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Flamboyant businessman unleashes Sh23 Million car after being accused of conning Anerlisa Muigai (Photo)

He was accused of conning Sh13 Million from the Keroche heiress.

The 30-year-old business lady is said to have borrowed money from Dennis Mombo Mwangeka who runs a microfinance known as ‘Mwananchi Credit’ for Ben Kang’ang’i a businessman who she was allegedly dating at that time.


Following the scandal, in the papers, Anerlisa took to social media in an attempt to clear her name and accused Dennis and Ben of conspiring to con her. She claimed that Ben reached out to borrow money from her and since she didn’t have all the money he required Ben came forward with a financier named Dennis who she borrowed money on his behalf from.


Borrowing the money was easy but paying it became a tall order after Ben refused to answer her calls only for her to hear that he was flying to Dubai frequently. The businessman had also completed building his house opposite Village Market and even purchased a Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Drinking buddies

Anerlisa was later shocked to learn that Dennis and Ben were drinking buddies and suspected that they had conspired to defraud her so she rushed to court in an attempt to save her money.

“In the same week of calling Ben, I was informed that Ben and Dennis had been seen drinking together yet Dennis had told me that he did not know who Ben was. I even tried to call Dennis immediately after been told that and he lied that he was in Eldoret. A friend also sent me a clip on YouTube of Dennis' house being raided years back by police over stolen cars. Straight away I saw something was not right and felt that I got into a trap and decided to take this matter to court to try and save my own money too.” Part of Anerlisa’s post read.


Following the accusations, Ben took to social media to unleash a McLaren MP4-12C whose base MSRP is $229,999 (about 23 Million Kshs). An invoice acquired by Nairobi Wire indicates that Ben bought the ride for ‎£116,000 (Sh 16,479,412).

“Biggest and baddest whip on its way to the port! #MclarenMp412c. God is Big!!!” Kang’ang’i posted flaunting the new guzzler.


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