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Diamond Platnumz's father criticises son for piercing nose

The two have not been on good terms since Abdul identified himself as Diamond's father.

Diamond Platnumz and his father Abdul Juma. Abdul has criticised his son for getting a nose piercing

Diamond Platnumz’s father Abdul Juma has criticised his son for getting a nose piercing, saying it is not a manly thing to do.

The father who is yet to reconcile with Diamond, explained that his son went against what he considered as African male tradition.

The musician's father fears that his son may come to regret the nose piercing, just as he (Abdul) did when he tried getting 'tatooes' as a young man.

"He did a wrong thing, truth be told because our culture and traditions do not allow men to do such stuff. We tried having drawings on our bodies but right now we are regretting it," he said.


Abdul said that depsite making a lot of money, and hanging out with entertainers, his son should not have abandoned his culture.

He added that the piercing was not in line with Tanzanian doctrines, cultures, and customs.

"Maybe he did that because of his wealth and to please his friends. The likes of Tupac did it but they were Tanzanias and did not subscribe to the culture and tradition of the Mbale and Nyamwezi people. Maybe he (Diamond) tried to do what he pleased, but I was not pleased," he added.

Instead of getting the piercing, Abdul says his son should have bought himself an expensive gift to show his wealth.

He gave examples of some famous artistes in Tanzania who are still relevant despite not making any markings or piercing their bodies.


On October 26, Diamond posted a video showing him getting the piercing and a nose pin as his bodyguard looked on.

Abdul concluded by urging Diamond to seek advice from his elders and also allow his peers and friends to advise him when making decisions.


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