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Betty Kyallo speaks on claims of only dating men with expensive cars

Betty Kyallo was forced to address allegations of dating men who only drive Toyota V8 and TX

Betty Kyallo

Award-winning media personality Betty Kyallo has distanced herself from a viral quote alleging that she only dates men with expensive cars and those earning way above her league.

Ms Kyallo clarified that the viral statement was fake, asserting that money and cars don't impress her.

“Utter nonsense. Fake. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. We all got to work hard no easy way out. That’s the only thing I always advocate for, hard work.

“Also everyone’s hustle and the journey are to be celebrated. We all have to start from somewhere. But I understand people must create fake stories to make a living or just get clicks. Ps: Cars don’t impress me,” Betty Kyallo clarified.


The fake quoted had been picked by a number of online publications insinuating it was the true gospel from the journalist, something she has dismissed.

“I have standards. I can’t date a man who doesn’t have a good car, a good car means TX or V8. If I date a man who owns a Probox, then it’s like insulting my standards. I can’t fall in love with a man who earns less salary than me and doesn’t have a better car than me. I urge my fellow women to set standards,” the fake quote read in part.


Recently, in an interview with Pulse Kenya’s Dennis Milimo, Betty said that she has always yearned to inspire young girls through her hard work.

“There are these big brands, but I want to show the young girls that you can have it all. Even with Kyallo Kulture and the businesses I do and even what she (Mercy) does, we want to show girls that you can have it all. Hii maneno ya sijui sponsor, sijui ati wakona mabuda, that’s nonsense. We can teach our girls to go for it because they actually can do it," Betty explained.

She added that: "We were brought up in a very humble background in Rongai, and we did not have everything but we really aspired to be great people and right now with our efforts and God’s grace were are living our life.


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