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Dr Ofweneke calls out bloggers twisting his relationship with Diana Marua

Dr Ofweneke clarifies relationship with Diana Bahati, warns bloggers who twist information

Dr Ofweneke’s message to Obinna after being selected to replace Jalang’o on Kiss 100

Kenyan comedian and MC, Dr Ofweneke, recently addressed misconceptions surrounding his relationship with singer and content creator Diana Bahati.

During a media interview on Tuesday July 11, he emphasized the importance of respecting people's lives and marriages.

In the interview, Dr Ofweneke made it clear that he and Diana Bahati were collaborating professionally on the 'Mr Right' reality TV show.


While acknowledging the need for views and trends in online journalism, he emphasized the importance of respecting people's marriages, including his own.

"I want to say to your faces. Switch your camera's on. Yes Diana B and i have something going on.

"We are working together. Truly guys i am going to say this ones again. i know we have to have views and trends, as journalists online. But lets also be very keen on respecting peoples marriages," Ofweneke said.


As a happily married man, Dr Ofweneke underscored his commitment to his own marriage and his respect for Diana Bahati's marriage to Bahati.

"I as Dr Ofweneke, i am happily married, bold italics underline. And i respect the marriage of Diana B as well to Bahati, coz he's a young man that we've seen grown in the gospel industry.

"As much as we are looking for click baits, lets also be very keen," he said.

Alongside marriage counselor Getrude Mungai, Dr Ofweneke and Diana Bahati co-hosts the 'Mr Right' reality TV show.


This show aims to explore relationships and provide guidance to participants in finding suitable partners.

With their combined expertise, the hosts strive to offer valuable insights while maintaining professionalism and respect for the contestants' relationships.


During a previous event, Bahati jokingly expressed concerns about his wife working closely with Dr Ofweneke on the show.

In response, Dr Ofweneke assured Bahati that he would be professional and ensure Diana Marua's safety throughout the 14-episode duration.

"Sifa zangu zinajulikana. I am a full man in every sense. "Bro, I can promise you as my small brother your wife is safe. My in-law is safe." Ofweneke said.


He humorously reassured Bahati that he would 'hand her over' after the show's completion.


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