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Kush Tracey admits she struggled with skin-bleaching addiction in her 20s

Kush reveals that there were some friends who loved her for being light-skinned.

Kush Tracey

Media Personality Kush Tracey bravely shared her personal struggle with 'bleaching addiction,' shedding light on the obsession some individuals have with lightening their skin.

In an open and heartfelt post on her social media, Kush Tracey revealed that during her early to mid-20s, she experienced a profound struggle with skin bleaching.

She shared photos of her past self, with visibly lighter skin, to emphasise her journey.

Kush admitted that at that time, she was deeply lost, broken, confused, and lacked a sense of identity.


She had wrongly believed that having lighter skin made her "more beautiful." She acknowledged that she used to think that being lighter-skinned equated to greater beauty but now understands that this belief was far from the truth.

In her candid post, she acknowledged that many women who follow her on social media face similar challenges.

They often inquire about how she managed to stop bleaching and regain her natural skin color. She explained that it was a process of healing, patience, and self-acceptance that led her to love her skin color, embracing both its darker and lighter shades equally.

Kush Tracey also described how her research into skin bleaching and its effects on the body helped her comprehend the gravity of her situation.


She expressed gratitude for her journey of self-discovery and transformation, emphasising that she has learned to embrace who she is.

The media personality also reflected on her past 'friends' who had a preference for her when she was 'lighter,' highlighting how she distanced herself from those individuals as she continued her journey to self-acceptance.

She added that her faith and mindset played a crucial role in embracing her true identity and realising she didn't need to alter her skin color to find validation or fit into a 'beauty category.'


Kush Tracey appears to be on a transformative journey, as indicated by her recent social media posts.

In her reflections, Kush Tracey shared her struggles with fitting in and experiencing anxiety attacks while pushing herself to meet certain worldly standards.

She acknowledged the limitations of her own flesh but found solace and strength in God's grace. This candid admission reflects her realisation of the need for a higher purpose beyond the confines of showbiz.


Kush Tracey expressed gratitude to God for rescuing her from her own self-destructive tendencies.

Her statements suggested a shift towards a more profound connection with her faith and spirituality, indicating a newfound sense of direction in her life.

She also shared that she has some regrets from her past experiences in the entertainment industry, acknowledging that wisdom could have served her better during her formative years in the business.

Kush Tracey has redirected her focus towards mentoring emerging artists, a clear sign of her desire to make a positive impact and provide guidance based on her own experiences.


This shift from seeking worldly recognition to becoming a mentor and role model signifies a more meaningful and fulfilling direction in her career.

Furthermore, Kush Tracey has immersed herself in charitable initiatives through the Kush Tracy Initiative.

She actively visits homes, offers donations, and motivates young girls. This dedication to philanthropic work illustrates her commitment to uplifting others and giving back to the community.


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