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Noti Flow tearfully recalls seeing her name tattooed on King Alami’s amputated arm

Noti Flow is speaking about her past relationship with King Alami, she has now revealed the ways Alami hurt herself to get back their relationship

Noti Flow tearfully recounts seeing her name on King Alami's amputated arm

Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence, who is popularly known as Noti Flow, has revealed some previously undisclosed information about her past relationship with King Alami.

During an interview with Oga Obinna on July 17, Noti Flow candidly discussed their time together and shed light on the challenges they faced before their breakup

Noti Flow began by recounting the early stages of their relationship, explaining how their connection started as fan admiration online. She shared how King Alami seemed to understand her deeply and was empathetic to her experiences.


Intrigued, Noti Flow delved deeper into King Alami's social media profile and love blossomed between them.

She described their relationship as having been a partnership against the world, with King Alami showing love and affection. Noti Flow was convinced that King Alami was the one she had been waiting for.

"I fell in love with her... After I fell in love with her I didn't want anyone else. It was us against the world. It was nice. I would wake up to breakfast in bed," Noti Flow said.


However, after three months, Noti Flow noticed a change in King Alami's behavior. Possessiveness and anger began to emerge, and Alami became increasingly controlling.

Noti Flow recounted instances where King Alami would get upset even when a fan would greet her on the street, adding that the possessiveness eventually led to losing out on business deals and ending friendships.

The 'One Time' singer tearfully recalled a particularly distressing incident where she received news that King Alami had attempted to jump off the seventh floor of a building after their final breakup.


Initially thinking it was a prank, Noti Flow soon realised the severity of the situation as she vividly described the traumatic experience of witnessing King Alami's self-harm.

"There's a lot of things she did when I tried to break up with her... like she would go get a new tattoo of me, or like trying to slit her wrists in front of me...

"Then I go there and whoa! it's true. It was a traumatizing sight. She was covered with all these bandages," the 'Foto Moto' rapper recalled.


She recounted the harrowing moments in the ambulance, fearing for King Alami's life.

"We were in the ambulance and we almost lost her like three times. I took some videos and sent them to her dad, mum and aunt," she said.

Throughout the journey to the hospital, Noti Flow was unaware of the severity of the injuries Alami had sustained until a doctor pointed out the missing arm.

"The whole time in the ambulance I didn't even notice she didn't have her arm. And the doctor just showed me another place... with my name on it. I felt so heartbroken," she said amidst tears.


Overwhelmed with heartbreak, Noti Flow says she now realises the extent of damage caused by their tumultuous relationship.


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