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I rely on hate to succeed - Vera Sidika responds to trolls after new music video

Vera Sidika's new song attracted mixed reactions some praising her stunt while others said it was in bad taste

Socialite Vera Sidika

After a much-anticipated ;surgery' which turned out to be a music video, socialite turned singer Vera Sidika has hit back at her haters.

Sidika has responded to her trolls saying the experience she has had in the entertainment has proved to her that love has not taken her anywhere noting that she is who she is because of hate.

“Been in this industry for 10 years now, one thing I y’all don’t know, I rely on hate to succeed! Love took me nowhere, but hate elevated me. Everything I own today in my name came from hate and trolls. I thrive through it, that's what builds me,” she noted.

The mother of one added that her haters were her number one supporters using the example of her just released music video which she said had been watched mostly by those who trolled her.


“Nobody will make you famous or watch every move you make more than a hater, in fact, they will wait to watch so they can hate in actual sense. They’ve watched it meaning more money for me,” Vera said.

The businesswoman further told off those that said the move was in bad taste saying that the response she received when she made the revelation was also in bad taste as she was mocked and laughed at.


“Y’all didn’t find it sensitive when people were mocking, laughing at me for having surgery complications, you even joined them. But you find it sensitive that it was for attention. So it's okay for you to laugh at my complications and not vice versa,” she added.

Vera released her new song titled popstar which has so far garned over 344,000 on YouTube.


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