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Willis Raburu exposes celebrity stunts to advertise health facilities [Screenshot]

Some could be genuine and if not, then we have budding film careers being launched - Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu

Citizen TV host and Kalale hitmaker Willis Raburu has called out celebrities and influencers for making a fool out of Kenyans through scripted stunts to promote health facilities.

Willis directed his displeasure at celebrities who fake illness in a bid to market healthcare providers.

In a post on his social media he wrote: “Healthcare in this country is very expensive and clearly more needs to be done. However, the latest trend has been hospital influencing. I will never tell somebody not to get their bag if it’s in a way that fits them and is legal. Just, be careful with the lines that you all are crossing.”

In the lengthy post, he went on to fault the celebrities endorsing hospitals for a lack of creativity saying that an influencer did not always have to be sick to showcase a hospital.


"Content creation is a vast and creative field. Do interviews on your channels with the CEOs. I don’t know where the shoe pinches, some could be genuine and if not, then we have budding film careers being launched… get your paper but be careful!” he added.

This comes after popular pastor and gospel artist Size 8 puzzled Kenyans when she shared a video in a hospital where she was seen trying to reach a wheelchair in the presence of a doctor and an unknown lady.

In the caption, she revealed that she was not doing well and went ahead to caption the name of the hospital. While most people wished her a quick recovery, some questioned the motive behind documenting the entire thing.

With the growing digital space, health facilities notwithstanding are out to promote their work as long as the information remains truthful, honest and does not create unjustified expectations through the use of influencers and celebrities.


However, as Willis urges, celebrities should be cautious when advertising so as not to give followers the wrong impression.


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