She defrauded Kenyans - Ephy Saint accuses baby mama

Chantelle had sent out a medical appeal of 2 Million.

Ephy and Chantelle (Instagram)

Things have taken a dark turn in the Ephy Saint and Chantelle drama. This was after the former Tahidi actor claimed that his baby mama defrauded Kenyans by asking for Sh2 Million to cater to her hospital bills while she needed around Sh1 million.

He also claimed that she had not cleared her bill at Coptic Hospital and she still owed Sh185, 000. Ephy also revealed that their child suffered brain damage due to prolonged labour.

“Why is there 185 K bill at Coptic still not paid for, why is it that the only money her family paid was 120k and she was out of hospital and lied that she had cleared the whole bill. Go to the vlogs it’s there. Why is it that her fourth surgery with doctor K was around 400k give or take. This is before NHIF deductions. Why defraud people money and lie you need 2M? Only God will and can judge…After the recorrection (reconstructive) surgery, they claim she needed nursing care for 3 months.90*3=270k. Do the math everything should have been less than 1M, but women lie and men cheat,” read Ephy’s post in part.

In response, Chantelle assured Kenyans that her baby is fine she just needs occupational therapy. Her birth asphyxia caused her to convulse for hours traumatizing the new mum.

She also said that Ephy was gaslighting her by flipping the script and painting her as a bad mother.

“I chose not to comment on the gaslighting that is going on that end. It’s a classic (example) of an emotionally abusive person to try and flip the script on the party that was harmed. This is exactly why I said I am scared. I knew the insults would come. My lawyer has advised me not to engage anymore,” Miss Petite wrote.

She also shared a picture of the hospital bill which was Sh649, 877 and with NHIF deductions it came to Sh589, 877.

“I refuse to crumble, this man as set out to paint me as a bad horrible person and mother, I don’t need to prove anything,” she added.

In response, Ephy claimed that Chantelle had refused to let him see his child. “You are here saying I am talking sh*t about you one the web. Me saying you have completely refused to let me see the child. Remember me going to the house and trying to see the baby during your 4th surgery and your sister T refusing to open for me only for me to call her and she told me she was sleeping.”

Emotional Abuse

The drama started on Tuesday when Chantelle shared an abusive text sent to her by Ephy then on Wednesday the story broke out in the media.

Chantelle accused Ephy of being a pathological liar, cheater and an emotional abuser

“My baby daddy has been talking trash about me on the web and I’m fed up. He is a pathological liar who has hurt so many women over the years. I think it’s time to expose him because I’m tired of the mind games he plays,” read her post that kicked off the drama on social media.

She revealed that he is so abusive that one of the ladies he was involved with almost killed herself due to his abuse. He allegedly also owes two of his exes over Shs600, 000 which he has refused to pay back.

“He told me countless times he was single and there was no one in his life. He made believe that I’m the love of his life I believed him. I loved him dearly with all my heart,” she confessed.

Chantelle came to find out later that the guy was married. The mum-of-one disclosed that her baby daddy was so vicious that he kissed a lady right in front of her while she was pregnant.


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