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Media stars & guests dazzle at Stephen Letoo’s colourful wedding [Photos]

How Stephen Letoo's big day went down [Photos and video]

Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo (far left) poses for a photo alongside his wife Irene Letoo (centre) and NTV's Kennedy Mureithi (right)

Award-winning Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo today walked down the aisle with the lover Irene Renoi Letoo in a colourful event.

The public wedding saw thousands throng Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok from early in the morning.

Media stars dazzle

The media star’s colleagues and friends turned up for the widely-publicized even in which culture, fashion, and religion blended.


Former Citizen TV's Chemutai Goin, Mark Masai, and Citizen TV's Swaleh Mdoe and Anita Sonia are among those who were present at the wedding.

For the ladies, Maroon and gold was the colour of the day with each stepping out in colourful outfits, accentuated with beauty accessories from the Maasai community.


The bride dazzled in an elegant white wedding gown in the company of her parents with the bridesmaids wearing traditional floor-length dresses that were a blend of maroon and gold in colour.

Letoo stood out in his black Agbada with a touch of gold complete with accessories for the occasion.

The groomsmen adorned elegant flowing attire of Nigerian wedding ensemble with a maroon hat to complete the look.

As requested in the invite which listed Maasai attire as the dress code for the day, thousands complied in colourful display of Maasai culture.


Exchanging wedding vows in church

The couple started off by exchanging their vows at Methodist Church in Narok County.

"I take you to be my lovely wedded husband till death do as part. I love you so much," Irene stated in the presence of friends and relatives.

"The love of my life, I give you this ring as a sign of love everlasting from today and forever, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen," Letoo stated with those in attendance cheering as the couple exchanged their vows.


Social media was abuzz with conversations on the public wedding for the award-winning journalist with many congratulating him.

The festivities will continue late into the day with a lineup of entertainers to thrill those in attendance.


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