Chipukeezy's fiancée breaks her silence after the comedian was exposed

She has now talked after maintaining her silence.

In various interviews, Chipukeezy said that he met Kevin Hart through a white lady who was impressed by his work. He also said that on his way to visit Kevin Hart, he messed up the booking details of his flight and could not fly. So he told a flight attendant that he is Chipukeezy and that he was going to meet Kevin Hart and showed her one of his clips on YouTube.Compelled by his story, a passenger was allegedly taken off the plane for him to fly.

She also disclosed that Chipukeezy lied about spending 10 minutes with Kevin Hart during his book-signing where he was 'inspired and advised' by the comedian before he got a special invite to the BET awards.

Following his egg-in-the-face expose, Chipukeezy apologized by writing “Hi Wawira, I appreciated you for holding my hand when I needed it. I am sorry I did my interview in a way that didn’t acknowledge you or give you credit. For a person who relied on other established artists to climb the ladder, I at least owed you a mention. For that I am sorry, forgive me. To my fans and everyone who has my back, I am sorry for letting you down. I have learnt a valuable lesson and will strive to do better, always,” Chipukeezy wrote on his official Instagram page Friday night (October 20).

Following the scandalous week this has been, his girlfriend Vivianne Mandera has decided to make a light joke out of it all.

When Chipukeezy came from his tour in Austin, Texas Vivianne joked  that her muongo (liar) man is home as she posed in sexy lingerie.

Before flaunting the gifts her fiancé who she fondly calls ‘Bighead’ had brought.


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