J Blessing has revealed that he is no longer at

This was in a Q& A session with fans where one asked “When I come to Churchill next time. Will you say hi? ” and J replied with “I am no longer working at Churchill show.”

Prior to his recent stint at Churchill, J blessing worked at Churchill Show for close to two years before leaving to pursue his dream of starting a video production company. He established Link Video Global and in August 2016 and rejoined Churchill.

And aside from the money, Churchill holds a special place in J Blessing’s heart as the comedian took a chance on him despite having little experience. The first episode Blessing directed fell flat and never went on air causing him to panic but lucky for him Churchill maintained his faith in him.

“ The first episode that I ever directed of the Churchill Show never went on air, it was terrible. I panicked; I knew I would be fired. This is why I respect Ndambuki so much; he told me ‘J, it’s going to be okay’. I was introduced to Churchill by a friend of mine. I joined the Churchill Show just around the time I was finishing up school...Ndambuki believed in me even though I didn’t have television experience," He said in an interview with Nation.

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