6 female celebrities who have been in violent relationships (Photos)

I used to cry every night...

And even our celebrities whose life we often view through rose-colored glasses have also undergone shocking violence in their relationships. Some have even had their hands broken but still manage to put up a smile for the screens while suffering on the inside. Others have however managed to walk out of their marriages and relationship and told their tales.

And here are a few who have confessed to going through domestic violence

1. Zari Hassan

After years of speculation, Zari recently broke her silence and spilt the tea on what led to her break up with the late Ivan, a man she had built a life and an empire with.

“Ivan was not really a bad guy he was just obsessed. He was really obsessed with me that the obsession grew into something else. It got to a point it was physical, really nasty physical. I tried working on our relationship. I booked counselling sessions for us but he would pay the counsellor to say that he came but he didn’t. We tried the elders and our family to intervene but nothing.” Zari said on Celeb Select.

2. Tina Koroso

Tina has had an admirable career having worked at Clouds FM, Radio Maisha and now as the General Manager of Africa Swahili TV, but she has also been in a violent relationship.

In a past interview with KTN Tina confessed that she was married to a Muslim man who used to beat her a lot. Something which came as a shock to her as she never believed that she was the kind of woman to get beaten.

“I didn’t believe it happened to me.When it happened I got paralysed, I got helpless. It took me a very long time to realise what was really happening. What made me snap out of it after the continuous beating was when he beat me in front of my children. Something hit me and I was like ‘Woman wake up!’ He is not just abusing you but your kids too.” She said. An incident that made her make a decision to leave her man for the sake of her kids, so she got a job, saved up and eventually managed to leave. But after leaving, her ex was not done with her as he took away her children.

“One day, my former husband came and took away my children. I used to cry every night and could not imagine the thought of being away from them. Nowadays, I talk to them every day and even visit them. It is not the same as living with them since I am not there to see them grow and for a mother, that is tough. I take comfort in the belief that God has a reason for everything.” She told EVE woman.

3. Anne Kiguta

Before she landed Jomo Gecaga who she has twins with, Anne Kiguta’s lived with her other baby daddy who was so violent that he beat her before a news bulletin. And not just any news bulletin but before she made her KTN debut. A beating that left her with bruises on her face. But lucky for her, make-up and a strong will saved the day and she was able to make her debut looking as beautiful and confident as ever.

Despite the emotional and physical pain, Anne felt that if she didn’t go on with her plans she would let violence win. And after the bulletin, Anne packed up her belongings and her 3-year-old daughter Wairish and left.

“I decided to move on for my baby and myself. At least I was financially sound when I left the relationship. That dependence is what keeps women trapped in abusive partnerships.” She told True Love Magazine.

4. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika recently confessed that she was in an abusive relationship with her Nigerian ex Yommy Johnson. A relationship that led to her nudes getting leaked and her getting beaten. In a lengthy Instagram post Vera wrote:

“The first time he hit me I left Dubai and never set foot since January even after he kept asking me to go. I was scared. The reason I was calm on my messages was coz I was scared of what he's capable of doing. I have never in my life been in an abusive relationship. This was my first…I wanted to leave. But he would never let me leave. It was always a struggle. I finally understood how it felt. How these women feel going through this. I swear to my God I was never in this relationship for money. He can testify so can his friends. The clothes he refused to give me back were my own clothes I bought he has NEVER bought me clothes to feel has right to keep them. I honestly thought I shud give love a 2nd chance & rub off the idea of "I don't wanna get married" that I once had. On a fight, he cut my bag handle promised to replace it & never did. Instead said he'll throw it in the trash or give his cleaner. This was the reason I never went back to Dubai. I tried to leave for Kenya ASAP but couldn't. He would never let me go anywhere Alone & I just had to play nice so I can finally get home safe”

5. Nicah the Queen

Doctor Ofweneke’s estranged wife shocked the country this year when she revealed that the comely comedian was a shockingly violent person.

She shared a shocking photo taken 3 months after their engagement saying that Dr Ofweneke had been violent with her. The caption read “Domestic violence is such a bad thing... I had to walk away ... I had to run ... Yes, I’m a single mother of two and I know God will watch over my kids.”

“Dr Ofweneke and I are no longer a couple. At this point I am confused. I don’t know exactly why Dr Ofweneke would beat me up. It could be as a result of negative influence from the company that he keeps.

When we started our relationship, he was violent. I got into the relationship thinking I will change him, but sadly that proved impossible. I refrained from exposing his violent behaviour because I wanted my relationship to work. I am a woman! Nicah told Edaily.

Accusations which Dr Ofweneke initially responded to with a ‘no comment’ before later denying it.

6. Janet Wanja

The accomplished volleyball player faced violence from a man she dated for four years after meeting him right after high school.

Things were okay at first until she started scaling the heights of volleyball and he became progressively insecure and threatened by her success and that is when he started laying his hands on her

“Simple arguments turned into physical confrontations, which always ended with me bleeding.  I often sought refuge at my parents’ place. There is a day I visited my brother Kim because we hadn’t seen each other for a while. When my boyfriend called me, I told him I was at Kim’s, but doubted the story and asked to talk to him. I gave him the phone and they talked. When I got home, he beat me from 7 pm till 3 am. Then he broke a glass on the floor, undressed me and dragged me on the shards. I will never forget that day. I prayed and told God that, ‘if you save me from this house and I still come back to this man, may he kill me.’ ” She told the Nairobian about her horrific ordeal during an interview.

The violence got so bad that she turned to alcohol to numb the pain, but alcohol didn’t help because at some point she was on the brink of suicide. Fortunately, she managed to get out of the violent relationship and landed in the arms of one Andrew Swearman. Her relationship with her British man did not work out and they got a divorce. Janet is now dating a dashing young man called Giulio Calauti.


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