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Victoria Rubadiri shares little known details about being a single young mother

Ms Rubadiri opens up on motherhood

Citizen TVs Victoria Rubadiri shares little known details about being a single young mother

Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri has disclosed that she had to give up on the single mothers stereotypes, in order to be a good mom to her daughter.

Speaking in an interview with Double X Agenda, Ms Rubadiri mentioned that she got pregnant at a young age, but didn't allow that to dictate her future; something that sharped her into to being the good mother she is today.

Being a single mom


“You know for me I got pregnant young and I fell in the stereotypical definition of a single young mom, so for me what I had to let go was that tag “typical single mom” and letting go of that stereotype not from just other people in society but for me. Si I made a decision earlier on that I will not be that and as a result the choices I would make to who I’m now, basically determined that. Never ever did I want my daughter to grow up having that same residue of my mistakes to be put upon her. And for her to feel that I’m less than or a second class citizen because I come from this home or because my mother is this.

She’s grownup a child full of love because I said that is what she is going to experience no matter my circumstances when she came in, and by me making that decision, really has mead her the person she is and has really healed me. Now I ca look back and feel nothing in terms of guilt contamination. I truly have grown out of that person and I can now give from a place of healing and wholeness, and I think that is extremely important for any single mom. Ensure that that moment doesn’t not define your journey or you. Come out of it and grow you can re-invent yourself to anyone and anything” said Rubadiri.

Don't be so hard on Yourself

The media personality also advised other women not to be so hard on themselves when they find themselves in situations they had not planned for.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are not going to get it right, its trial and error. And if you came in to this club feeling like an impostor because the circumstance wasn’t right, own this time, own the role because the person who is looking at you and relaying on you to be the best is that child regardless of what society has said about you/ The decision is upon you to make it right by being the best mother to that child and that is what I did in my journey, and I can’t Thank God enough and myself for stepping out of that moment of regret and disappointment and charter and new journey for myself and say ti s is the woman I going to be not just a mother”

Dear Neema,

Just the other day, Ms Rubadiri penned down a heartfelt message to her daughter Neema saying;

“Dear Neema,


You see this picture? You were a week old, I was 18 and scared out of my wits. You were perfection, I was a wreck. I fought for a long time with embracing the identity of being a mother because I felt I wasn’t ready. Truth is, you are never going to be ready! I learned that with time as you grew and became a different human being at every stage. I grew with you, made my mistakes but pushed forward. You healed me with your unconditional love. Though that admiration in your eyes has turned into occasional side eye 👀 now that you are a teenager. 😂We’ve made it this far Dudu and you’ve turned out pretty amazing. Babu, Mama and Aunty have a lot to do with that. On this #MothersDay I thank God for you because you truly are a gift from Him. I pray you thrive in this life. I pray you are a light in your generation. I pray you are a beacon of hope in this world. -Love Mommy😘”


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