It was a scary moment- Daddy Owen reveals why his wife was forced to deliver before the due date

Daddy Owen opens up about the struggles

Owen has now opened up on what transpired that forced his wife Faridah Wambui to opt for an early delivery.

Doctor's recommendation

Upon going through the scan, it was discovered that the cord was around the baby's neck and therefore it was recommended that the wife goes to the theatre for an early delivery.

"It was a scary moment.. My wife was feeling lots of pain but it was too early from the delivery date.. So we went to see the doc.. He advised us we go do a scan.. During the scan the sonographer told us the cord is around the baby's neck.. When we took the report to doc he told us immediately we going to theatre! Was scared dint know what to do and what to expect!" reads Daddy Owen's post

Raise awareness

“The main reason I am sharing this story is because the doc told me nowadays the cases of baby's with cords on thr neck are too many and they don't know the reason.. is it lifestyle.. Environment.. no one knows exactly.. many have lost their babies! I thank God that my son came out well and my wife is strong and healthy.. Glory be to JESUS!!! Thank you”  added Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui walked down the Aisle at the KAG Buruburu Church on April 2, 2016.


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