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Diana Marua comes clean after Break-up episode with Bahati

"People want me to live their marriage experiences"

Sharing a video of Episode 8 on her Instagram, Diana has explained that people want her to live their marriage experiences, a thing that cannot happen as everyone has to walk their own path.

“Okaaaayyy!!!! So kidogo kidogo , pale Youtube people want me to live their marriage experiences? Once you get a baby, esp the first one, its a whole different experience all together and the least your partner can do is support you emotionally. Some women out here even men suffer from postpartum depression the first few months. And before you know it, you get emotionally drained and some even lock themselves up and cry their heart out. Theres a lot that happens from not getting enough milk supply for your baby and shes crying all the time coz she's not well fed, not getting enough sleep (you're literally a walking zombie), trying to figure out why your baby is being fussy even after having fed her and changed her diaper. There's a shift between who you were before baby and now all this and more when baby gets here. This are things very few women will talk about. No one has it all figured out and if you don't have someone to keep reminding you that it's a temporary phase and it gets easier and better by the day, I swear you'll loose it. So this is where I was coming from... it wasn't easy for us especially the first three months,” reads part of Diana Marua’s message



She added that a man should learn how to balance between his career and family, as the greatest gift a man can give his wife is love and attention.

“So, it's okay for some of you to not fully understand this. Who said that I should calm down and act up ati when he cheats or doesn't provide? Basi people out here are suffering on the inside with that said, I understand my man is very hardworking and we've never lacked and I appreciate him more for that however, I believe one has to find the perfect balance between his career and family. For me, the best gift a man could ever give his woman is his time, attention and love. That's my typical kind of world. So how you understand or don't understand my perspective, is up to you. PS: If you are a new mom and going through this and more.... it's a phase!!! Everyday it gets easier and better... you embrace the challenges. ,” reads part of Diana Marua’s message.

She disclosed that Bahati was not giving her the attention she needed and was always busy making her to feel like her life had stopped and nothing constructive was happening.


“Things happened in our relationship, the situation is that we are not together, tulikosana, me I packed my staff, ni like three weeks ago, Baha is never home, hata akikam mapema ananiambia vile amechoka, vile inafaa alale mapema kesho anaenda meeting, anashika mtoi like for two minutes, amemaliza anakula anaenda Kulala, me na feel niko drained. Tangu nipate mtoi nafeel life yangu imestop. Juu unaangalia social media wasee walife yao inaendelea, me am just there with the Baby the whole day. I don’t even know myself. To be honest I don’t know what’s next” said Diana Marua.

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