DJ Makena responds after being trolled over fake Deejaying at Uhuru’s Event

DJ Pierra reacts

DJ Makena responds after being trolled over fake Deejaying at Uhuru’s Event

The K24 DJ , shared a video on social media, showing her enjoying the song “Kenya Taifa Letu “ while on duty as the DJ at the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

In the video Makena is seen spinning the turn tables in a manner suggesting that she was enjoying the song.

Unfortunately, Curious online users where quick to discover that the DJ was jamming around with a mixer that had not been connected to the public address system.

In her defense, Makena explained that there is no way she could have duped Kenyans when she was the one who even shared the video. She added that at that particular time her mixer was half live because live performance had kicked off.

Makena responds

“If anything, I am the one who posted the video on my Instagram page. I am not stupid to upload that video when I know I was duping people; I wouldn’t post it if that was the case. Anyway, I owe no one an explanation because none of those people who are trolling me online pay my rent or feed me and my family. Let them continue making noise online while I am depositing money to the bank and paying my bills. In short, what I am telling them is: let us all work hard,” said Makena to Edaily.

The whole discussion started after a Twitter user identified as @X_ChrisM, askked “How was Pierra Makena DJing [sic] with a mixer which wasn’t connected?”

“Even you BK don't embarrass yourself... No audio cables, faders down... So just what was she playing?”

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