Government bans miniskirts and cleavage

There will be consequences for those that refuse to comply.

No cleavage or minis

The circular issued by the Ministry of Public Service said the female civil servants were banned from wearing miniskirts or mini dresses, body-hugging clothes, sheer blouses and dresses. Showing up at work with your cleavage hanging out, navel, knees and back showing is now a no-no and so is bright coloured hair and nail polish.

Long nails and too much make-up were also outlawed. The men were also not spared and are now required to dress in neat non-tight trousers, long-sleeved shirts, jacket and a tie. Open shoes were also banned unless under medical grounds.

This directive apparently came from a lot of complaints about the ‘indecent’ ways members of the Civil service dressed especially the ladies who apparently bared too much flesh.

Speaking to the BBC the Ministry of Public Service's Director of Human Resources, Adah Muwanga explained the new strict dress code.

“We were approached with complaints that, specifically lady officers, were dressing in an unacceptable manner, with mini-skirts and showing body parts which otherwise generally should be covered in Ugandan society.” She said.

Despite the outrage, this new dress code has caused in some parts of the internet, the new order is derived from the 2010 Public Service Standing Orders on dress code.


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