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Video vixen reveals why artists are fighting over her

Gigy Money is currently the hottest video vixen in the East African entertainment industry thanks to her humongous booty and tantalizing skin.

Music video vixen Gigy Money

Well, with all that she has worked with big Tanzanian artists including Wasafi records, Harmonize. At the moment she is modeling and concentrating on her modeling career however underground artists are not giving her an easy time.

Speaking to Bongo 5 the lass revealed that she has been approached by a couple of artists hoping she would work with them. She went on to say that they believe her fame will help them rise in the industry but as much as she wants to help, the lass also want to make money.

She said that she would only help if the artists can pay her Tsh 1m converted to Kenyan money that is 50,000.

She went on to say that she has been forced to say no to some artists as she believes she is the queen of videos in Tanzania and she gets paid at the end of the day.


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