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He would smell my v*gina to see if I had cheated - Shocking story of life with an abusive boyfriend

Things got so bad that she swallowed 400 pills to end it all.

Domestic Violence (Courtesy)

A 38 year-old-woman has shared her horrific story in the hands of her abuser who not only beat her and maimed her but also extended his abuse to their daughter

Arleen Njeri recently opened up to True Love Magazine about the horror she underwent in the hands of a man she dated for 14 years.

“He was emotionally and verbally abusive before he got physical. My self-esteem dropped as a result. He made me believe that I was ugly and he was doing me a favour by dating me,” she narrated.


His physical abuse happened both in private and in public. In one instance he dragged her from a work event and slapped her in the car multiple times before telling her that he beat her because he loved her.

In another instance, he damaged her left ear after boxing her.

“There is this time he punched me so hard I lost my sense of hearing for 24 hours. To date, my left ear is partially deaf. His insecurity got so bad that when he thought I was ‘cheating’ he would check to see if I had sex by literally smelling my vagina,” Arlene confessed.

Arlene leaves

Arlene tried escaping 4 times but was lured back with the promise that the abuse would stop but it didn’t. He would insult her and at one point brought his girlfriend to work for her. Tired of everything she left, leaving her daughter with him.


Something which turned out to be a big mistake as he transferred the abuse to his daughter.

In collaboration with his girlfriend who was as wicked as him, they would starve Arlene’s daughter and even made her wear a corset because she was ‘fat’. Keep in mind the girl was just 9 years old!

“They made her wear a corset when she was just 9 years old. One day she fainted in school and because she wasn’t allowed to call me, I didn’t hear about it till later,” she said.

Leaving her abusive spouse did not only affect her daughter but Arlene’s business which collapsed and she spiralled into depression. At some point, it got so bad that she swallowed 400 pills but luckily her abusive ex found her and rushed her to hospital.


Soon after leaving the hospital, Irene sought therapy which has been very beneficial to her mental health. She also fell in love and got married in 2016 to a man who adopted her daughter after her abusive ex disowned their daughter through a text message.

Arleen who is in a much better place now advised people to watch out for the red flags and if you find yourself in hot soup, leave, things will eventually work out.


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