My kids wiped vomit from my mouth – Hot 96 presenter opens up on alcohol addiction

It was a bad life!

Presenters Shix Kapienga and Rapcha Sayantist. My kids wiped vomit from my mouth – Hot 96 presenter opens up on alcohol addiction

Hot 96 presenter Rapcha Sayantist has for the first time opened up on his days as an alcohol addict.

In a post seen by, Rapcha, who hosts reggae show Drop Zone alongside Shix Kapienga, said that his drinking habit had turned to worse.

He stated that sometimes his children would have to wipe off vomit from his mouth because he was too drunk to handle himself.

Rapcha further said was living a bad life and he had to change it, which he did by quitting, and instead chose to focus on his body fitness and career.

The lad, who started out as a comedian before joining radio, mentioned that quitting alcohol was the best decision he has ever made and that he is thankful to all who have supported him since he began the alcohol free life.

My kids used to wipe vomit from my mouth... it was ugly, it was a bad life and I changed it... Stopped drinking for good and decided to focus on my body, food and my career ... It's the best decision I ever made ... I give thanks for life and everyone supporting me... 'Selah,” part of the statement by Rapcha read.

7 years of drinking

His words come a few months after he disclosed that for seven years, he had not gone a day without drinking and it was time for him to stop.

For the past 10yrs I wasn’t living right, I have practically been drunk for over 7yrs of the last ten, every day, every F**kin day, I ain’t doing that sh*t no more, not because am a good person, not because I’m saved, nah am a ghetto boy with an attitude of a ghetto boy, 10 yrs ago I made history by making the first ever standup comedy special on Kenyan soil with the help of my good friend @mwafreeka… I wanna do it again…” read part of a long post he shared on Instagram.


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