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I charge about Sh500, 000 per show – Fena Gitu

She is raking it up.

Fena Gitu (Instagram)

Miss Fena Gitu recently celebrated a decade in the music game, a decade that has seen her grow her fan base, her brand and even her rate card.

In 2009, Miss Gitu earned a mere Sh5,000 for a paying gig and now she takes home about Sh500, 000 which is around the amount required to produce a video.

Speaking on how artistes are paid in Kenya, Fena told K24 that, “It depends on the artiste. As an upcoming artiste you can’t expect to be paid 100Gs per show. I was paid Sh 5,000 after my first paying gig. It took a while (to earn a lot from music).”


On her rate card, Miss Gitu said, “I try and quote about as much as it would cost me to shoot a video. About half a mike (half a million) depending, but it doesn’t happen every time.”

Her rate card demonstrates how far she has come as an artiste as just two years ago she slept on her best friend’s floor.

“There was a time I couldn’t breath and now I am coming up for air, levitating. I have gone through ups and downs. 2017 and 2016 were probably my worst years. I was flat broke, living on my best friend’s floor and just trying to make ends meet. Ni venye tu you don’t go announcing (your problems). I took that time to strategize and focus on me and just grow,” she explained on Up Close with Betty.

Big earners


Fena is not the only big earner in the entertainment industry.

In 2017, one of Kenya’s most popular directors J Blessing revealed that he will not get out of bed for less than 200,000 Kenya Shillings.

“At the moment I cannot take home less than Sh200, 000 for doing a video. We have gone to school and studied too. I know most Kenyan directors went for their studies in South Africa, I went to the States. We are up to the task. We are mentoring people and we will extend this to the next generation,” he told The Nation newspaper.

Another big earner is Mc Jessy who revealed that he cannot go home with less than Sh200, 000 for a gig.


Comedy seems to be a lucrative business as MCA Tricky recently disclosed that he is making a killing in comedy and earns a 6 figure stipend for every performance. “Comedy pays well and my brand demands a six-figure performance fee,” he told Pulse Magazine.


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