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Huddah Monroe finally reveals the new Sh17 Million machine she drives after ditching her Range Rover

Pesa Otas

Through her Insta-stories, bragged that she love big things and that’s why she settled a Landcruiser V8 2018.

“People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8, 2018 and they wonder, small Body Big Machine… I Love Big things, Big houses, Big Dicks, Big Big Big ..Big anything! I was born small, let me have it all Big. I Brag different coz my case different. BORN CHAMPION” wrote Ms Monroe

Range Rover sale


“Inace you all wondered what car I drive now coz hampendi Kushundwa. And by the way Landcruiser V8 is more expensive than a Range Rover or same price of it’s a Vogue or Velar.. and it has no maintenance issues. V8 is best car for African roads” added Huddah Monroe.

A brand new Landcruiser V8 2018 model retails from Sh16.9 million to Sh27 Million, depending on the model. A V8 supercharged is estimated to cost around Sh16.9 million while a V8 Autobiography costs Sh27.1 million.


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