Huddah Monroe reveals the main reason she only dates powerful politicians

Why I only date powerful politicians - Huddah.

This confession was spurred by Blac Chyna’s ‘sex tape’ where she is seen performing oral sex on ex Mechie.

Powerful figures

Huddah disclosed that she only dates people with something to lose such as powerful political figures like presidents who have so much to lose that they would not deliberately leak a sex video.

Commenting on the trending tape, Huddah wrote “Guys are so mean. Posing Blac Chyna’s video giving neck on the IG stories.” Before adding “Damn! What a world, that’s why I’m always with men who also have something to lose (presidents, vice president and kings) they’ll never expose your sh*t.”


The petite socialite also disclosed that she doesn’t give head because it’s akin to slavery and would never do it unless it’s for a man she loves or a king.

“Catch me dead giving head. WTF? That’s slavery. Unless I’m in love with a man or he is a king then I’m gonna eat it all to the stomach. My mouth is sacred. I don’t eat meat, I’m on a diet, go suck your own D! I am a vegetarian.I only eat meat fro special specific animals. My mouth can’t just eat any meat. It's reserved, fit for a king.”


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