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Janet Mbugua’s powerful message after Nyakundi’s rape comment on Adelle

The former Citizen TV news anchor has led many celebrities in speaking out against Nyakundi.

And for a long time, his posts have been dismissed with the wave of a hand or termed as a tragic cry for attention that should be ignored.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was his horrible rape comment on Adelle.

“Adelle Onyango gave a powerful speech against the rape culture. Pardon me for my ignorance, but who in their right mind would want to rape, let alone have consensual sex with her? Asking for a friend.” Nyakundi wrote.


And that is when many celebrities decided that it’s about time they reigned it the local cyber bully Nyakundi.

Among those who have commented on Nyakundi’s ghastly comments was Janet Mbugua who took to her blog to address the Nyakundi menace in an article called “Don’t Laugh at Rape”

In the article Janet writes “If you are mad and accusatory towards someone who has spoken out against rape culture and sexual harassment, you are a part of the problem.

If a woman speaking out against rape turns you into a chest-thumping individual that calls us ‘toxic feminists’, you haven’t understood what masculinity truly means.


If you think we speak out against these issues because we are against men, you don’t get it.

You see, a lot of us are surrounded by good…no, GREAT men. They have fathered us, married us, befriended us, dated us, been born of us, hired us, lead us, followed us, respected us, loved us. So no, we don’t hate men.

We hate that every second of every day there is a woman somewhere in this world who is being harassed, assaulted, raped and in most cases, the perpetrator is a man. It’s a fact, not a blow at men and masculinity. We have to learn the difference.

This woman is raped into silence, trauma and defeat. Some of these women are too affected to speak and so we will speak for them. You don’t have to like it…. As for you…yes, you…don’t laugh at rape. If I were you, instead of meming and demeaning, I would read, I’d get educated and understand the issues; I would look at the women and girls in my life that I love most and realize that they too could be victims. Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does. So let’s start believing it.”

And she is not the only one; many celebrities have come to Adelle’s defence with some sending her heartfelt messages after Nyakundi’s attack.


Here are just a few:

Anita Nderu: I was so disgusted by that post, sorry you had to go through that. I still cannot wrap my mind around how someone can hear your story and that is the thought that they conceive in their mind let alone decide to share it on social media. Your response is powerful! So much love to you.

Patricia Kihoro: Keep shining Adelle. I continue to admire your strength and continuous efforts to speak out about rape and rape culture. You’re such a light. A beautiful, radiant and powerful light. Thank you for everything.

Maureen Kunga: Unbelievable how people think. Thank you for that powerful statement Adelle. We've become so desensitized that a grown man can sit behind a desk/screen and write, read and post such things in the name of (I assume) humour. I applaud your grace, Adelle. I don't know what I'd have said but I'm sure it would not have been as gracious as this.

Joy Kendi: I effing love you. And he's disgusting.


Connie Aluoch: Keep shining hon

Carol Radull: I Love you girl Always! Power to you

Noni Gathoni: Ghai, I can't I just can't, the neeeeeeerve, I'm really sorry Adelle, this is sickening to even imagine his still roaming scot-free, I had to go through his page, and my oh my, I'm sick to the core. You're a gem to be reckoned, Adelle.

Ciru Muriuki: Everything. You are Power.

Dng Kenya: Adelle, as a man, and as your friend, I apologise to you on his behalf. I am truly sorry for this undeserved ill-thought. No one, under any circumstance should ever undergo such a horrific ordeal such as rape. Do not be dejected by small minds such as his.


Maina Kageni: Very apt and powerful!!! Thank you so much for this.

Mwende Macharia: You are too powerful sweetheart for anyone to put you down with their vile bile. Stand firm stand strong. And yes this is for all the girls. May God protect you, my dear, as you keep fulfilling your purpose.


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