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Today we apologize - Jimal Rohosafi raises eyebrows with apology

Controversial Nairobi businessman Jimal Rohosafi is preparing to cross into the new year and chosen the path of forgiveness.

Jimal Rohosafi

The businessman asked for forgiveness to all who may have fallen victim in the game of love and dating, losing their partners to him.

The controversial apology also saw him extend an olive branch to anyone who took his partner, noting that “it was nice doing business” with them.

"Before the year ends. Today we apologize to the people we took their partners. And to those who took ours, it was nice doing business with you," Jimal wrote in a post on his Insta stories.

The businessman’s love life has made news in recent years with different ladies making their entry or exit in his life as the case may be.


Socialite Amber Ray is among the women who have graced the businessman’s dating life before things went South.

The socialite made her way into Jimal’s life at a time when he was married to Amira with whom he has two children.

The businessman made his relationship public with the socialite in an interview with Jalang'o after weeks of speculation followed by the socialite’s confirmation of their entanglement with photos leaking online.

Things got to a level where Jimal warmed up to taking Amber Ray as a second with Amira opting for divorce.


Nothing lasts forever and so was Jimal’s relationship with Amber Ray that ended shortly afterwards with casualties.

Amber moved on swiftly and found love in flamboyant city businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

In May this year, Amber and Rapudo were blessed with their first baby together, with the pair affirming their love for each other.

Jimal also bounced back from the breakup and warmed up to another love interest, Michelle Wangari with the pair welcoming a baby shortly afterwards.


Jimal on why snatching his girlfriend is a tall order

In an interview in June 2023, Jimal exuded confidence stating that anyone hoping to snatch his girlfriend would face an uphill task and would need to make significant sacrifices to win her over.

He added that the only circumstance under which a woman might consider leaving him is if she were to encounter a governor or even the president.

"Whenever I want a girl, I always make sure that I represent all the Cushites. I will never be laughed at again," Jimal declared.

He emphasized that men should treat their partners with kindness and strive to fulfill the promises they had made, even if they happen to argue or disagree before fulfilling those promises.


Jimal and Michelle Wangari were blessed with a daughter in March this year.


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