Stylish MP surprises wife with a luxurious car, pours his heart out in a romantic poem [Photos]

Jubilee MP celebrates love in style and takes romance to another level

Stylish MP surprises wife with a luxurious car, pours his heart out in a romantic poem [Photos]

Stylish nominated MP David Ole Sankok has taken romance to a new level after pouring out his heart to his wife in a romantic poem and gifted her with a car.

Taking to social media on Friday, the MP whose unique sense of style stands out expressed admiration for his spouse Hellen Seyianoi Sankok who left the comfort of her family’s wealth and chose to spend the rest of her life with a “poor disabled boy”.

"My love; You left your father's stone house, you left two Datsun cars in your father's compound, you left your father's Chevrolet car, you left a Toyota lorry in your father's compound, you left three tractors in your father's compound and followed a poor disabled boy to my homestead with an axe and njora (machete) as the biggest machines," wrote Sankok.

The MP showered praises on his wife for standing by him through the tough times, remembering how he took her out on a date at Uhuru park with only 5 shillings.

"I can re-write the story again today as I present you this special gift of a car, I can remember that day we enjoyed our time at Uhuru Park. Money, I had none except the Ksh 5 in my pocket, which was only enough to buy two ice creams.

"I can remember we had not taken lunch that day, not because we were not hungry, but because my pockets were empty," he added.

Undying love and first date

He confirmed that his undying love for Seyianoi would never fade, commending his wife for choosing him over other eligible suitors.

"The special ice cream of our youth and this gift of a car are the same. Just like the ice cream, it is a special gift down from a loving heart. The price of a gift doesn't matter, what matters is the love attached to it," he expressed.

"I'm thinking of a sweet beautiful angel who was never ashamed of my broken legs, my beautiful innocent angel who saw ability beyond my disability> I'm thinking of my princess who saw me and got a reflection of a prince in her eyes," he stated.


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