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Kathy Kiuna’s grand birthday celebration angers Kenyans (Photos)

Kenyans claimed that her followers have been brainwashed.

Kathy Kiuna’s grand birthday celebration angers Kenyans

Kathy Kiuna turned 50 years old recently and to mark her big day, her congregants decided to throw her a grand birthday party.

From rolling out the red carpet to dancing and holding placards with various sweet messages, the congregants went all out to ensure that the reverend had a good day.

 “God found the strongest woman and gave her to us for a mum. Happy Birthday,” read one placard.


“In another life we would still choose you as our mum. Happy birthday,” read another from a beaming congregant.

However, this celebration has pissed off a number of Kenyans who were repulsed by the showmanship and the men carrying placards.

Some complained that people called her mum and glorified her while they don’t do the same when it comes to their parents.


Others claimed that her followers have been brainwashed because of their wide-eyed adoration for the church’s leader.

Below are some reactions :

@KeshyMutahi: My favourite part about Kathy kiuna's birthday is her walking in and seeing cards telling her happy birthday, then acting surprised as though she doesn't know her followers are that dumb.

@kims_tony: Kathy Kiuna has studied the society and realised that u can go to school and still remain ignorant .what u can see is the society end result of her work .so let her enjoy her money from these fools quietly. #RevKathyKiuna


@KalosSays: Burgers surprising Kathy Kiuna while they surprised their own mothers or even went home visiting 5 years ago. DON'T be brainwashed!

@KerryKCee: As a parent seeing your kid dance all that to Kathy Kiuna's birthday is a perfect way of a Sunday evening ruined

@WanjiruMulei: Wengine ata hawajui birthdays za their real mothers #RevKathyKiuna

Nash Nyash: I wonder whether these men ever remember their wife’s birthdays! Lubbish!!!


Jenniffer Wanjiku: Jesû idol worshipping to its fullest. Fools I call them!!

David Oriku: When a pastor needs a car the church fundraises.. When a church member’s child wanna go to campus and has no school fees. prayers are done!!

Mr. Diego: Sometimes before you call your Pastor Dad and Mum ask yourselves when did you call your parents to know how they are fairing or help them in a struggling situation.

Christians have become sycophants even in churches... Yes, none of my tithe or contribution has bought this gift for one Rev Kathy Kiuna. Absolutely none but my brother my sister you cannot tap blessings without first helping your real parents.

Your parents are your second gods don't be deceived... One day you will be judged harshly. When did these men hold play cards to their biological mothers to the tell them that they love them or with the same writings we are seeing?


You will agree with me that 90% of the following guys holding these placards their mothers have never celebrated a birthday. Stop the nonsense and be real gentlemen stop being used.


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