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Former Presidential Candidate Reveals Why She Posts Nasty Things on Social Media

She is back for 2018!

“My mother never talked to me about sex. The only time she came close to doing so was when she would call me a prostitute for coming home late. It is possible that i then found myself closely relating to sex (this bad thing that was evil) out of rebellion and hard-headedness (kichwa ngumu),” reads part of the post.

In a Facebook post, she disclosed that she was a bad tempered teenager and any attempts by her mother to speak to her was met by outbursts about how she wanted to control her life.


“My mother never had the talk with me about getting my period either. None of this was her fault. I was a surly, and bad tempered teenager. Any attempts at conversation with me were met with frothing at the mouth and hysterical outbursts about how she wanted nothing but to control and ruin my life,” Reads her post.

Kamencu also revealed that she has taken from her mother in many ways and every time she posts something naughty on social media, people call her mother and deliver the news to her, but she has never asked her about it.

Kingwa Kamencu, who is a writer created a buzz on the Kenyan political scene, by becoming the youngest woman to declare her candidacy for Kenya's presidency at the age of 27 in the run up to the 2013 Kenyan Presidential election.

Kingwa started an Underwear Free Movement in 2015 encouraging women to go without wearing panties and has also stripped naked before camera’s on given occasions.


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