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5 photos of Size 8 and DJ Mo’s daughter that will give you baby fever

What a cutie!

And fans have been able to watch her grow through her Instagram page which has over 237,000 followers.

And seeing Ladasha grow into the healthy baby she is now is through God’s grace as her birth was difficult and life-threatening.

In a past interview with the ‘Mummy 101’ show, Size 8 admitted that her daughter was a miracle baby because despite all the odds being against her she survived thanks to God’s grace. This is because Size 8 battled high blood pressure during her pregnancy and during her CS, surgeons found that the umbilical cord had wrapped around her daughter’s neck and her daughter was worryingly small.


“Waliponifungua walipata mtoto amejifunga, umbilical cord ilikuwa imejifunga kwa shingo, halafu tena kalikuwa kadogo. Kumbe hiyo pressure ilikuwa imeaffect placenta, chakula haikuwa inafika. It was God nilizaa na CS otherwise kangekufa.” She added.

Despite making her debut at 1.7 Kgs, Ladasha has grown into a very adorable little girl. As evidenced by these 5 photos that are guaranteed to give you baby fever.


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