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Terryane Chebet’s statement on lesbianism sparks wild reactions

It’s a touchy topic…

Terryane Chebet

And on one of her chats a person asked her what her take on lesbianism was.

And she replied with “This one... is a tricky one. But I will answer it based on my religious standings. God made Adam and Eve. He had a reason for that. Procreation, companionship and raising a family as man and woman because we are different and bring both our special gifts to a relationship or a marriage. However; God also gave us free will to choose what we want to do, so I do not judge a choice made by two adults to be together.”

Despite her very non–controversial reply, for many Kenyans, this answer was unacceptable because most of them wanted her to dismiss it as sin.


It started out pretty calm with one person writing  “Free world, freedom of choice..freedom of just being who you are. Let people know what the Bible says but let them make their decisions. People should just learn to let people be!! That way, life is easier for everyone. ” While another one said that the world had bigger issues to deal with than what people do in their bedroom.

“The world has more problems bigger than what people choose to do under the sheets....” One tichophil added.

While others felt that it’s a free world and God doesn't make mistakes “It's a free world and I also believe God doesn't make mistakes, lesbians are still humans and deserve respect and to be treated with equality.” Wrote doreennerissa

But the comment section went to the dogs once the anti-homosexual brigade came on.

“It’s an unacceptable, an abomination.” One person wrote setting off some wild reactions that exposed the intolerant underbelly of the internet.


“It's a SIN."  Another yelled while another one accused Terryanne of misleading them. “Honey, if your religion is Christianity then please don't mislead us.God gave us free will, yes, but He also did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because for no apparent reason.The fact that homosexuality was even mentioned as a part of the reason for their destruction should tell you how much God loathes sin..including homosexuality. I wouldn't have said anything if you just said that that was your opinion, but am tired of people dragging God's name in petty messes.” faiith_rn wrote.

Here are more reactions:

Atienopriscilla: Let's not abuse the word "free!" no one was born lesbian, something happened,I don't judge them but lets not now say that bcz we have freedom of doing things we are on the right path, no!

ev_muriuki: It's biblically wrong... Romans 1:21-26....No shortcuts to it... when it comes to the bible it's plainly a sin....1st Corinthians 6:9... There is tolerance for sin...

msekela1: I have come to realize this world has people who are ready to go to extreme lengths to achieve selfish goals, be it financial, political and in this case bodily pleasures. It is beyond what God aimed it to be, so just because they have the freedom here on earth to explore and indulge, does not make it right. It is wrong, but it's their prerogative we cannot do anything about it, not even judge them. We leave that to the Lord.


Kanyorokusimon: Never ever! !!

Chiliswa: It's not natural therefore no procreation thus it is immoral. Even animals can't lesbian around.

belz_maghanga: let's hear you talk abt will to chose when your daughter brings you an EVA.

dee_k_i: Do not make yourselves the enemy of God

jamat84: Freedom of an animal is doing what I want, but the freedom of man is doing the will of my creator. Invention should not and must not contradict the natural created order. God was smart enough when he gave us sexual organs which are different but complementary. "Lock and key hypothesis". He gave us different chromosomes to be able to generate life together. The argument that because all of us are sinners and therefore we shouldn't point fingers is neither here nor there. Jesus never condemned but at the same time never failed to call sin with its name SIN. Sin is the transgression of the will of God in the world order. And He created them, male and female he created them and commanded them, "Go, multiply and fill the earth". The problem facing us Christians is conformity to the new world order at the expense of the truth of the gospel. Call a sin by its name, don't sugarcoat it in the name of freedom.


Trevorsleek: I like your rationale; I want to pose one question. An animal has an IQ of way less than a person. You will never find same gender affection in animals. It shows how low humans can stoop


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