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TV Girl reveals how she ended up in hospital after insulting a waitress

Prior to last year, Lillian Muli seemed like a laid back and bashful news anchor with a penchant for style that complemented her va-va-va-voom figure. But last year she proved that if you poke her hard, she will poke back even harder.

Lillian Muli

In a video that went viral, Lillian Muli is seen going hard and cussing out at a waitress who had allegedly been very rude and insolent towards her. "...this b**ch has an attitude." Lillian is heard shouting at Carribea, iin Kilimani area much to the shock of all those witnessing the meltdown.

The video was interpreted as impunity on Lillian’s apart as she was the more privileged of the pair. So it looked pretty bad; like someone who is just a bully when it comes to people who are ‘lesser’ than her.

As expected, Kenyans on Twitter and on other social media platforms vowed to teach her a lesson and teaching her they did. The news anchor revealed that she was relentlessly cyber bullied causing her massive anxiety attacks and she couldn’t eat nor sleep.


“I couldn’t eat, I could not sleep. The video leaked on a Monday, I remember, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I could not sleep as my name was a top trend on Twitter.” She told E-Daily.

To make matters worse she could not take a time-out since she had to fill in for Anne Kiguta who was on maternity leave so she still had to come in to work despite getting bashed online and feeling sick not only physically but mentally. So she went to work on that fateful day she was supposed to fill in for Ann, but when she came in for the 9 P.M bulletin things didn’t go too well.

“When I came back for the 9 P.M bulletin, something very weird happened, my fever shot up to crazy levels. I was crying in the house alone, sick but I had to go to work. I told God to give me strength because everyone expected me not to do but, but I had to prove I could.

I came to read the bulletin, my blouse was soaked. When I finished anchoring the bulletin I remember went to a Nairobi hospital and the doctor wanted to admit me for the anxiety attack. The doctor would ask me to take a rest for, work but I just had to continue grinding.” She narrated.

In the aftermath of her cyber-bullying and the horrible anxiety attack, Lillian vowed to never be seen in public getting all turned up.


“I learned a valuable lesson that I cannot afford to be seen in public with a skyrocketed temper again. Never!" She vowed.


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