Kenyan men on Twitter were left dumbfounded and salivating after Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris wished her daughter Kenna, 22, a happy birthday and posted her pictures online.

"In my daughter's eyes, I see a mature girl ready to take on the world, one who can think deeply and dare to find solutions. I love you Kenna and I know you will bloom in your own time. Don't rush through life's mysteries, but enjoy every stage. Happy, Happy 22nd Birthday," Passaris tweeted.

Kenyan men who were full of awe, swiftly responded to Passaris's tweet with many praising her for her looks while others wanted to know where Kenna lived.

Several others even asked Passaris for her daughter's hand in marriage and phone number.

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However, Passaris replied to one of the men who wanted to know where her daughter lived by saying she was not a lottery ticket and luck wouldn't win her affection.

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