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Check out the special gifts Mama Dangote got Tiffah and Nillan (Video)

Mapenzi Tele kwa wajukuu

diamond and his Family.  Mama Dangote’s special gift to Zari’s kids Tiffah and Nillan

Upon his touch down in South Africa, Diamond presented special gifts that his mother “Mama Dangote” had bought for her grandchildren Tiffah and Nillan.


On many occasions, Mama Dangote has always demonstrated preferential treatment towards Zari Hassan’s kids over Hamisa’s son.

This comes days after Zari took a swipe at Chibu Dangote for being an absentee father in the life of their children.

She said that despite Diamond spoiling his children with gifts every now and then, he denies them the much needed fatherly presence.

Diamond seems to be a man who likes to treat his family right, when it comes to gifts and surprises.


“This Coco is everything. New babies to my collections. Thank You Baba Nee," Wrote Zari.

In July upon his return from his US Tour, The Sikomi hit maker got his mother a collection of designer handbags.



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