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Reasons why Prezzo and Michelle Yola's break-up shouldn't be taken seriously

Michele Yola and Prezzo have had quite the passionate relationship, part of which we have been privy to thanks to Nairobi Diaries and social media.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

Mid-last year the king of bling got engaged to his off and on again socialite girlfriend Michelle Oyola and they were set to walk down the aisle as soon as possible.

But in this season of Nairobi Diaries’ Michelle Oyola revealed that they were taking their time and were under no pressure to get hitched.

As they were taking their time, the two lovebirds decided to show their unwavering commitment to each other by tattooing each other’s names on their hands. Michelle had the name ‘Ngechu’ etched into her skin while Prezzo had the name ’Yola’ engraved into his.

These tattoos were however not met with the enthusiasm the couple exhibited while declaring they had matching tattoos. Most people called the name tattoos foolish and a recipe for disaster once the two broke-up. But the couple brushed off the haters and asserted that it was their life people should not meddle.


About a month after having the ‘ride or die’ tattoos, Michelle Oyola has declared that she is single again. "Single and ready to Mingle. Blessed Sunday Team Love" she wrote.

But I think this declaration should be taken with a grain of salt for two reasons 1) This is not the first time these guys have broken up and gotten back together. So judging from their history, there is a 90% chance that these two will get back together. So team Mafisi and groupies shouldn’t be sliding into Yola’s DM yet.

2) The couple is in a reality show, and we all know that ratings in such shows are driven by scandal, drama and sleaze. So this break-up could be just a ploy to gain ratings. Because people are often curious to see how a couple behaves after they break-up and what better way to see a couple’s after break-up drama than tuning in to the reality show they star in?


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