Grace Msalame gets emotional as her twins graduate

The Joy of a mother !!

Grace Msalame and her two girls

Grace's twins graduated on 30 June and the TV personality took to her Instagram account to express her joy.

According to Grace, she got emotional during the graduation ceremony remembering how God has brought her this far with her two cute girls.

Through her long post-Grace remembers how the journey has been, with the hide times she has passed through.

Here is her Post

“What an emotional day yesterday ,how I held back those tears I don't even know, but God is truly Faithful.  5years later; Life skills, Confidence, Reading 30 page books with big words which now feature in their sentences like;- "Mum it depends if it's an emergency then we'll decide" to reading everything from Mommy's Magazines so yes we're now more aware of what reading material is in the house. They also read their own toy instructions, assembling is still a team effort thoughTo reading billboards, posters! Just name it! In fact every free minute Zawadi will be reading or writing or coloring in her corner as Raha works on her dolls braids or follows Mommy around the house narrating stories on end- So already one is an Orator & the other a writer & reader! One more introverted like Mommy & the other a little more extroverted like Daddy & all this realized with the help of a good foundation. Raise Up your Children in the way that they should go, for when they're older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6”

The first 7years of a child's life are CRITICAL! the formative years is the best time mold what you hope & pray they will turn out to be- because they're little sponges! The parenting journey comes with no manual so you will win it many! many! times! but what you will learn is- it's about consistency, so the more you do it- the easier it gets, the more natural it will become, the more the word being Mom or Dad will feel more real! Take it a day at a time, pray! be intentional&be open to learning from them too- they will tell you what they need-All the books won't match the feedback you get from your own child- what works for one won't necessarily work for another. I was nervous about potty training but learned that Children tell you when they're ready & indeed one morning they woke up & it was the end of diapers! Mommy did a happy dance, double the Diapers was no easy feat but like in all the stages His Grace is sufficient, so even as we face the next stage ahead we can only thank God because with Him all things are possible through Christ who Strengthens Us- Philippians 4:13- one of their favorite verses


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