Pendo and Prezzo’s fiancée strip down and enjoy an intimate moment in a bathtub

Over the last two seasons, Michelle Yola and Pendo have been like two angry bulls in a shed, locking horns whenever they meet.

Pendo and Michelle Yola

In one episode, Michelle Yola talked smack and had her a**beaten and her wig pulled off by Pendo in a jiffy.

But the next time Pendo came her way, Michelle was prepared and had back-up as Prezzo held Pendo down while the willowy Yola pummelled her like a burukenge.

However, season 4 is a season of reconciliation as Juddie Jay and Molly have made up after what went down during Season 3’s reunion. Pendo and Yola have also made up and were even spotted soaking up in a a bathtub together like old friends.

Battle lines have also been drawn and Bridget Achieng had a falling-out with Noti Flow for saying that she prefers Pendo’s music over Noti’s.

Risper and her boyfriend Brian are now fighting after Risper found out that Brian had saved a girl as ‘Hot Chick Wet Lounge’ on his phone only for her to find him hanging out with a hot chic at Wet Lounge.

He had no time to explain himself and Risper stormed out, leaving a bewildered Brian who was just hanging out with Luwi’s friend from the UAE when his girlfriend walked in.

The other drama is a new cast member getting beaten by what she calls ‘mammals’ ; that is fellow cast-members Bridget and Risper who attacked her after Molly slapped her. This all took place in a flurry of seconds. One moment Mishy and Molly are having a shouting match, the next moment Mishy anakula bare then the rest of Molly’s possy charge at Mishy like a herd of Cape buffalos.

The new season promises to have drama and all we can do for now is keep our eyes on K24 and their You Tube channel for what is slowly becoming Kenya’s version of ‘Love and Hip-hop Atlanta’


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