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Larry Madowo interesting response to comments on his recent weight gain

Right now, Larry Madowo is one of the biggest star attractions at NTV and probably the highest paid news anchor and TV host at Nation Media.

Larry Madowo

“I got my first job on TV when I was just 20, a wide-eyed, skinny village boy with big city dreams who had just dropped out from Daystar because my accent had not caught up. I was taken apart for being too skinny, too dumb, too ugly, too basic to be worthy of the high office of reading aloud on television.” He said.

Before describing that growing up in front of a camera was like having a root canal procedure without the motivation of a pretty dentist.

Well, Larry is a long way from the lanky lad who was deemed too skinny, too dumb, too ugly and too basic for TV.


And fans have also noticed, like this one who cheekily claimed that he had seen God’s blessings in Larry’s weight gain.

" It's evident @LarryMadowo has put in some kilos in the recent few. God's favour is indeed manifesting uh" a KOT tweeted to which Larry replied with "God's image is increasing in me! "


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