Top NTV Presenter in Mourning

Gone too soon

Neighbours (Beryl Adhiambo Auma murder)

Top NTV Presenter Miss Katiwa is mourning the sudden death of her close friend Beryl Adhiambo Auma who is believed to have been killed by her Husband in Kahawa Sukari, (Nairobi) following a domestic fight on Thursday morning.

Miss Katiwa who host NTV’s JamRock alongside Chris Darlin shared the sad news via her Instagram stating how it was hard to come in terms that her best friend is no more.

She was among the brides who were on her lineup on the day of her wedding having been school mates from a young age.

“Watching this on TV still a shock for me, am still dreaming coz I was among the brides who stood by ur side during your wedding barely two years ago and now you are no more. You were my high school friend, we grew up in the same hood Kibera, we fought, we laughed and we cared and we have same circle of friends, we also dated two friends, we literally shared everything together before you got married coz that’s where everything changed #Domesticviolence, we were so happy that you’re getting married little did we know were sending you to your own grave” reads Miss Katiwa message.

Neema Hospital, in Kahawa Sukari

Following the death of Beryl Adhiambo Ouma, a stand off was witnessed at the Neema Hospital, in Kahawa Sukari after her family blocked the police from transferring the body of their deceased kin to a funeral home.

The family members wanted the body to be transferred to a funeral home of their choice, claiming there was a plot to cover up for the murder of their kin, Beryl Adhiambo Ouma, who was allegedly murdered by her husband.

The husband Laiko Osuri was arrested by police following the incident for more questioning as to what led to their domestic fight that later claimed Ms Auma’s life.

Father of the deceased

According to the Father of the deceased Douglas Ouma, the night of the incident her daughter had send him “Please Call Me” texts at night but when he tried to call back her phone went answered.

“My daughter sent me please call me because I was a sleep, kumbe alikuwa anatuma sikusikia, then I had to call back, hakuna mtu alishika, then dakika kidogo bwana yake akanipigia, akaniuliza umelala, nikamwambia sai ni usiku na nimelala, akanimbia tumekosana kidogo, nikauliza usiku hii mnakosana na nini, na mnakosana kwa nini,” said the father.

Neighbours says that they heard the late Beryl scream but on asking what was going on, they were told it was just husband and wife quarreling little did they knew Beryl was going to be killed.

The suspect who is expected to be arraigned in court on Friday, admitted to the police that he regret assaulting his wife.

Ruiru OCPD James Ngetich, said that Beryl’s life could have been saved by neighbours who ignored her screams and distress call that lasted for almost 4 hours.


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