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Oga Obinna & YY Comedian clash over preference for 'kienyeji' wives

Oga Obinna & YY Comedian engage in a heated debate after Obinna suggests that ideal wives are found in the village.

From left: Oga Obinna & YY Comedian

A clash of opinions has erupted between Oga Obinna and Comedian YY after they expressed divergent views on the topic of wife materials.

On March 20, Oga Obinna shared a video advising individuals to consider marrying women from rural areas rather than from urban centers.

He emphasised the importance of seeking out women who are less exposed to social media and city life, suggesting that they may possess more desirable qualities for marriage.

"Sai vile mambo imefika, if you want to marry inabidii uende ushago huko ndani. Si zile ushago ziko kwa market centers. Utafte kienyeji mwingine mwenye ajui social media na ajui Obinna ni nani. yani hajui nini inafanyika wapi. But ni kitu moja safi, alafu sasa unaanza kumchanua polepole. lakini ukisema unataka kuoa Nairobi ama kisumu or Mombasa," Obinna said.


In response to Obinna's post, YY said that cleaning up is the worst part. He mentioned that women tend to outgrow their partners as they progress in life, often forgetting those who supported them along the way.

He added that it requires extra effort for a woman to stay committed after achieving success.

"Hiyo kusafisha ndio mbaya zaidi...It's not in their nature to dry where they bathe...when a woman grows and you're still the same person whether you are doing well, they believe they have outgrown you...


"They always want higher so when they level up, they regard the ground as even...majority won't remember who put them there. It takes a woman an extra effort against her nature to live with you after doing all that...and those women are rare," YY said.

Obinna, feeling provoked by YY's rebuttal, took to social media once again to challenge YY's stance.

He questioned YY for criticising his views on selecting a wife, pointing out that YY himself had chosen to marry a woman whom he had presumably 'cleaned up'.


Obinna accused YY of hypocrisy, suggesting that his actions contradicted his current arguments.

"So I spoke about kusafisha dem then YY aansema hiyo ni mbaya... ooh ukimsafisha atakuja akuwache sijui nini... But wait a minute, YY si umesafisha bibi yako? The way she looks now is not the same way she looked when you first introduced her to us. Why are you preaching wine and drinking water? Sisi hutaki tutafute watu tusafishe?" he said.

In response to Obinna's accusations, YY clarified his initial statement, urging Obinna to accurately represent his views.


He urged Obinna to revisit his comments and address them directly, rather than misinterpreting them for the sake of argument.

"Read my comment again and the quote is as I said it....NOT as you interpreted it...I see you even created a tone from what I typed....Go back, read, and do a video saying exactly what I said...Then we can have this discussion," he wrote.

The exchange between Oga Obinna and Comedian YY has sparked significant discussion among their respective fan bases. Many have weighed in on the debate, expressing support for one or the other or attempting to reconcile the differing perspectives presented.


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