Viral dance won't get you VIP pass to the Met Gala

The 'One Corner' viral dance has only managed to portray its patronizers in a rather unattractive way.

Various videos have emerged on the internet showing trend promoters join the frenzy with their ridiculous version of the frolicing put in vogue by Ghana Afrobeat singer, Patapaa Amisty.

He has generated a lot of buzz. His song has reached thousands of people especially in West Africa but has he been making money from it? No! The artiste confirmed the situation in an interview with Gatuso, an OAP with Ghana's Kaspa FM.

While he is thrilled about the amount of reception his song has garnered since releasing it, he could not brag about what most successful musicians go to Instagram to boast about - money! He lacks so much of it.

“Oh boss what I can say is that, I’m really content with how far my song has traveled but I can sincerely say that I can’t boast of GH¢1000 in my pocket from this hard work,” the rave of the moment said.

Hard work he said. You can hardly call it that if you can't get an RMD to bob to it. Will a Mo Abudu care to dance? I won't be betting on it.

This trend has only opened the ground for commotion and senseless body movement which is actually sexual in nature. Where is the national content supervisory body on this? The viral waltz should be seen as a menace not a source of amusement.

Some school children, 13 in number and majorly girls from the Islamic Senior High School (ISSEC) located in Kumasi, Ghana, have been made to face disciplinary actions for dancing to the song in a classroom. It was repugnant to the senses to see such young chaps engaging in such an act.

Music is the new oil in Africa. It has already commenced on a path of unhindered growth. Try containing water from a broken pipe. It will be messy and you will definitely get wet - that is the state of this source of entertainment.

Whatever you do in a bid to get yourself a VIP invite to the next Met Gala, you will be doing yourself a favour by leaving 'One corner' out of it. It is not cool and will never help you score an Eva Mendes. Never!


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