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Noti Flow lights up social media after leaking private chats between her and Prezzo

Wenye wivu wajinyonge.

“This s**t nigga stood me up on my video shoot of the song that he had actually requested me to include him. On the eve of the day, he started giving me all manner of excuses including telling me that I was close to Colonel Mustapha whom he doesn't get along with and whom he had a feeling would be part of the shoot.” Noti Flow griped during an episode of Nairobi Diaries on K24. “Prezzo never paid a dime, all he needed was to be there. Even the suit he was to wear on the day I had paid for it but he never went for the measurements until a day to the video shoot. Who does that? He is such an a** hole.”

The two later put their beef behind when Prezzo actually showed up for the video of Noti’s new hit ‘Tupendane’.

Unfortunately, fans expressed concern that Prezzo was slacking on Noti Flow once again as he did not promote their new song on Instagram or any of his social media platforms and Noti did all the heavy lifting. It seems that the fans’ opinions must have gotten to Noti Flow as she leaked some chats between her and Prezzo. Chats that showed Prezzo telling her ‘I love you’ and ‘I can’t wait to see you again’


Noti then went on to caption the chat's screenshot “#peopletalktoomuch. Well, there u have it. Prezzo n I are tight n the reason he hasn't shared the video yet is coz he lost his phone just a day ago. He's out of the country chasin. I mean come on, the song is barely 2 days old. #Kenyans, I can't believe some of y'all still hv the audacity to hate on such a genuinely patriotic song. It's the #peace message we wanted /want to deliver. Please, #tupendane kama WaKenya. Shauri zenu, sisi tunapendana. Na wenye wivu.”

The leaked screenshot has been viewed as a 'desperate' move by some fans who feel that Noti Flow is too concerned about what people think and is trying too hard to cement her position in Prezzo’s life. While others feel that Noti is getting distracted by ‘community d**k’ instead of focusing on her music.

Here are the reactions:

loisasiago254: Omg I feel so sad, hope this is a joke.

juanita_marville: This is how u will fail in u music following d**ks. Even the song you sang with him was so flat voices were horrible... wtf. Do reality check maze... I was your fan but kwenda uko na hiyo funda fake.


nimshie_zekoYou're completely lost.. Prezo is like a bin.

ka_germany: You're still young anyways kula mifupa kama bado meno iko kasister @notiflow…Ukimwi na gonorrhea ziko bado don forget that

switmegih: So was it love or collabo? Someone tag mustapha for me abeg

g.maureenabijo: let's wait n see if he will reply here @notiflow tnakupenda prezzo will hurt you but follow your heart

claratakish: Are you in a relationship with Prez? Cause Amber lulu’s snapchat is on fire


dollyalubaka: Surely kwani ya prezo inatoa maziwa??


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