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Ray C comes to Diamond's defense after social media backlash

I got your back bro!

The singer through her Instagram account expressed her displeasure with the way people online say things about the singer who according to her has brought about great changes in the music industry and has helped Tanzania music reach far.

The singer who shared Diamond’s photo when he was little said that Nigerian artiste’s support one another but Bongo artistes like to bring one another down and hating a lot.

She also asked God to curse the creator of social media which she blamed for all the hate and dislike that is in the Bongo music industry.


“Mi naumiaga sana nikiona huyu mtoto anasemwa semwa kila siku!Amefanya mapinduzi makubwa sana huyu mtoto!kama una macho unaona!Muziki wa Tanzania umefika mbali sana sababu ya watu kama hawa!Nigeria wanafika mbali sana kwa sababu wanasapotiana lakini Bongo sijui kwanini tunapenda kuzodoana!Kushushana!Kuchukiana!Dah!!Yani huyu alieanzisha hizi social media Mungu amlaani!!#MunguakulindeDogo #DontgiveUp #Mtakujakumuuamtotowawatu,” read her post.

(I get hurt when I see this kid being talked about every day, He has made a lot of changes, if you have eyes you can see. Tanzanian music has gone far because of people like him. Nigerians go far because they support one another but I don’t know why in Bongo people like hating and bringing others down. Whoever started social media, God curse you)


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